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The MAJDAN CHILDREN ACT - a visit of the third group from Ukraine is in progress

A 30-person group spends the second week in Warsaw. Time flies fast ... because it seems that a few days ago, long-awaited guests came to us: the youngest group of CHILDREN MAJDAN. They came to us from many different cities and towns, over 20 children in the care of my mother. For most of them it is the first foreign adventure, for everyone - a dream trip. For its part, the Society of Friends of Ukraine has made every effort to make the stay organized professionally, with interest and with heart :) You can say that it happened because children and mothers are apparently very satisfied, have lots of impressions and souvenirs after staying in Poland .

The most important thing, however, is that in a short time we were able to react to the most important needs of our brothers from Ukraine: those kids whose fathers died on Maidan or were wounded in war need special support, which today is torn by war Ukraine can not give them. We were able to show them a real Europe - the one for which their loved ones were going to die, we managed to share our experience that we have gained over the years being on the road and then already a member of the EU, we managed to establish a good relationship with our guests who "fled" to us for a moment to forget about the war.

We would like to thank very much all people of good will who wanted to join the action, because the implementation of such an initiative is associated with a series of difficult tasks that we have done thanks to our dedicated colleagues and volunteers: from gathering 30 people, through visas, transporting and providing the right the stay program.

Our guests have great conditions and a real "house" - European Bursa at ul. Długa 19/20 - thanks to cooperation and support from the Capital City of Warsaw, we are very happy that the education and council department helped to ensure proper conditions and care on the spot.

At this point, we would like to thank all those who have contributed financially or materially to achieving the goals of our action:
- Bank PKO BP Foundation
- Grycan
- Green Shed
- Kopernik Science Center
- Bobby Burger
- Warsaw Zoo

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