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"Our Hope" action

Our Nadzieja - TPU action is being organized by the special screenings of the film about Nadia Savchenko

Ladies and gentlemen,
The current situation in Ukraine leaves no one indifferent. Different people are also involved in it in a different form, who try to publicize it with the means of artistic means available to them, thus providing the public opinion about the events in the east of Ukraine and the heroes of these events.

Ukrainian director Volodymyr Tykhyy created a documentary about one of such personalities - Nadia Savchenko, one of the few women actively participating in military activities in Donbas, a heroic pilot fighting in the volunteer Ukrainian battalion "Ajdar". In June 2014, Nadia was kidnapped by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, taken prisoner and taken to Russia. She was falsely accused by Russian investigative authorities on the basis of crafted evidence of involvement in the murder of Russian journalists, and then directed to observation and psychiatry to the clinic, where her residence conditions are more severe than in detention, and access to her lawyers is significantly impeded. International public opinion considers Nadia Savchenko a prisoner-of-war and demands that the Russian authorities release it immediately as part of the implementation of agreements concluded in Minsk regarding the settlement of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. In recent months, many global leaders, institutions and organizations, including Amnesty International, have appealed to the Russian authorities for its release. Nadia's case was discussed, among others In a report by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the observance of human rights in Ukraine, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on its release, and similar appeals are being made by representatives of the US authorities. In October, the year sixty members of the European Parliament sent an open letter to President Putin with an appeal for the release of Nadia. Of course, similar appeals were also issued by leading Ukrainian politicians headed by President Poroshenko. Unfortunately, Nadia is still imprisoned and stays in a psychiatric clinic in Moscow.

On November 15, 2014. at. 12:00 at the ATLANTIC cinema in Warsaw will be a screening of the documentary film by Volodymyr Tykhi entitled "Nadia Savchenko: Our Hope." The introductory word will be given by the organizer of the show - Weronika Marczuk, and Bartosz Kramek from the Open Dialog Foundation, which works for the release of Nadia. A recording specially prepared for the occasion with the introduction from the film director will also be played.

As part of the show, it will also be possible to write a letter to Nadia, who will then be forwarded to Russia. The event will be an opportunity to collect money donations for children of families who were injured during military operations.

We cordially invite you to the show and we ask you to promote the event. Yours faithfully,
Event organizer - Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Ukrainy

The organizer kindly thanks KINU ATLANTIC for supporting the event.

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