Coordinator of humanitarian aid:
+48 69-777-2222


"Children of the Maidan - Rescue" - 2017!

Dear friends! We start the collection for our main action "Children of the Maidan - Rescue", which lasts from 2014. By this time we were able to transfer many necessary medicines, things for everyday use, clothes (new and used), as well as invite more than 60 children to Poland! Last year, we managed to arrange 7 outings for humanitarian aid for orphanages. We handed over 10 tons of clothing, cleaning products, food products, medicines, 10 computers, toys, a dozen rovers, scooters and many other things.

We encourage everyone to maintain us through the collection at

At the same time, we are continuing to carry out a collection of humanitarian assistance, which we plan to send to orphanages that are under our care: cleaning, clothes, shoes, toys, food, appliances, etc. At war, the innocent suffer the most. We look forward to your help! Thanks to everyone who supports, helps, works!

Each penny brings us closer to the goal!
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