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The European direction of Ukraine

Recently, Ukraine has taken a number of steps towards signing the Association Agreement with the European Union. There is hope that before the summit in Vilnius all obstacles that stand in the way of signing the document will be eliminated.

The State authorities declare the European direction of further development of Ukraine. More and more Ukrainian citizens are aware of the necessity of this natural choice - to join the European Community, after all, Ukraine as the center of Europe has always been a European state. However, the last years were difficult. There was a counteracting of certain forces in the middle of the State. The pressure on Ukraine from the Customs Union countries has increased rapidly. In this situation, Ukraine was not alone. She received support from the European Parliament, government and deputies of EU member states. One of the main promoters of Ukraine is Poland.

We see active actions of the president and government of the Republic of Poland, many members of the Sejm and the Senate, members of the European Parliament, leading politicians and public figures, for which we thank them very much.

It is worth noting that politics is created not only in government offices. The creator of the policy of mutual relations is each of us. That is why we call on all those who are not indifferent to the fate of Ukraine to address their friends, acquaintances, representatives of non-governmental organizations and political parties in various countries of the world with a request for Ukraine's support on the road to integration with Europe.

At the same time, let us make the citizens of Ukraine realize that signing the Association Agreement with the EU is not an end in itself, it is only a preliminary stage of an uneasy path to a common European future.

photo: Сегодня.ua
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