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Ivan Marchuk in the Warsaw Kordegarda Gallery of the National Center for Culture

The first exhibition of an outstanding Ukrainian artist in Poland. National artist of Ukraine, laureate of the Taras Shevchenko state prize, the only Ukrainian artist included in the Golden Guild of the Academy of Contemporary Art in Rome. In 2007, the British daily The Daily Telegraph mentioned the name of Ivan Marchuk on the list of hundreds of contemporary geniuses creating a new image of the world. Talent, courage and great diligence characteristic of Marchuka, meant that he is not only an outstanding and appreciated artist in the world, but also a national symbol of Ukraine. The first exhibition of an outstanding artist in Poland will open at the Warsaw-based Kordegarda on February 18 and will last until March 8.

When the British The Daily Telegraph mentioned Ivan Marchuk in the list of the hundred geniuses of modernity in 2007, he emphasized his role in the transformation of the system of views, its strength of intellect, social recognition and achievements in the field of culture. The artist's output includes nearly five thousand paintings, located in museums and private collections on five continents. There have already been over one hundred exhibitions of the artist in the galleries of Kiev, Moscow, Paris, Sydney, Toronto, Detroit, New York and Philadelphia and small towns, whose numbers can not be counted. On February 18, Marchuka's exhibition will take place in Poland at the Kordegarda Gallery in Warsaw.

Ivan Marchuk was born on May 12, 1939 in the Ukrainian village of Moskivka in the Volyn region, which at that time belonged to Poland. Childhood shaped Ivan's imagination of the village as a paradise, which he tried to recreate later in his painting. He took his education at the Lviv Art School. Even then, he managed to resist referring to the socialist realism prevailing at that time and to remain faithful to himself and global artistic movements. It has always been characterized by phenomenal diligence and denial of authorities.

Marchuk's first painting series broke stereotypes, ruined the concept of canons and rejected the artificially imposed principles of socialist realism. This "first Marchuk" won the audience of Kiev forever, although his first official exhibition took place in Moscow, and the first in Ukraine only in 1990. Today, Marchuka's series is ten, but he himself considers the first one to be a dominant that has long influenced for his work. The first stage is characterized by childhood memories of the village's paradox. The artist achieves absolute technical perfection in maneuvering the palette of colors, thanks to which the picture can not only be viewed but also felt.

Marchuk began to achieve extremely hyperrealistic effects in painting thanks to the technique invented by him called "platinum", which is its own stylistic, structural and innovative solution. The artist discovered it in 1972 while staying in Sednewi, a picturesque corner of Chernihiv. There he looked again at the charming beauty of naked trees against the blue sky and realized that none of the techniques he knew were able to convey the crown of a leafless tree in a naturalistic way. Marchuk recreates the texture of branches and trunks, the whole richness of nature with extraordinary realism, achieving fascinating visual effects. "Platonism" is balancing on the border between painting and handicrafts through a huge degree of difficulty and labor, which makes it almost impossible to repeat.

Marchuk's aggressive and experimental formal solutions, far from the official Soviet art, evoked aggressive reactions of the authorities, resulting in persecution, stigmatization and ignoring the artist in the official art market. That is why Marchuk decides to emigrate and in 1988-2001 lives in Australia, Canada and the USA. He decided to return to Ukraine after the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Each new painting series is a new face of Ivan Marchuk - an artist of expressionism and hyperrealism, representative of Ukrainian avant-garde and modernist monumentalism, innovator and surrealist. The works of this outstanding artist will be for the first time in Poland at the exhibition in the Warsaw gallery Kordegarda, which will be opened on the occasion of the anniversary of the end of the Maidan revolution. The opening ceremony will be attended by Ivan Marchuk, Ukrainian Culture Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, Minister of Culture and National Heritage in Poland, Małgorzata Omilanowska, and Ambassador of Ukraine in Poland, Andriy Deszczycia.
Ivan Marchuk.

Galeria Kordegarda 18.02 - 8/03/2014
Exhibition under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kyrylenko and the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Małgorzata Omilanowska
Media patrons: Polish Radio, TVP1, TVP Kultura, Stroer, AKMedia
Partners: Scotwork Polska, SK Bank, Western Union, Katharsis Development

Organizers: Society of Friends of Ukraine under the leadership of Weronika Marczuk and the National Center for Culture
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