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Establishing cooperation with the Arka Center - Mariupol

Berdianske- Szyrokino, we had very terrible experience, as we saw the buildings where bombs were dropped literally, we have also pictured the terrifying scenes of houses and school buildings which were bombed at every corner.  But what amazed me that people are still living here, which is very heart-whelming as it reflects the love of people towards their home and land, they have chosen to live and die on their own land. People are making living in tougher times; fishing community is extracting sea resources from the sea which is full of sea mines.
The kids are amazing with innovative ideas, they use empty bullet cartridges and with their pure intentions, they put flowers in these bullets, this is very colourful gesture, which reflects how badly these children want peace. I was very much touched with this idea and the kids gifted me one of their lovely creation.

In this fast pace life, entire world has forgotten about the war in Eastern Ukraine, while hundreds of thousands of children has paid the highest price for this situation.  The children living close to front line suffer from chronic anxiety and uncertainty related to related to shooting, hostilities, the danger of landmines and unexploded ordnance. More than 1 million children are suffering from this ongoing war. The consequences are very sorrow for them, leaving their homes. friends and schools are some to mention. The main problem is the poverty, undernourishment, no clothes to cover body and no shoes to protect their feet. These children want peace and a world where they can play & study without the fear of death, which is the biggest dream for all of them. I wanna thanks all my friends from Switzerland who helped and contributed to make this humanitarian trip a fabulous success. Special thanks to all TPU volunteers!

Author: Ela Szwarc


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