Coordinator of humanitarian aid:
+48 69-777-2222


The "Children of Majdanek - Rescue" collection on

Dear friends! We are starting the collection for our main action "CHILDREN OF MAYAN - LIFE", which has been going on since 2014! So far, we have managed to repeatedly provide necessary medicines, everyday items, used and new clothes and invite over 60 children to Poland. Last year, we managed to organize 7 humanitarian aid expeditions to orphanages. We have provided over 10 tons of clothing, cleaning products, food products, medicines, 10 computers, toys, a dozen or so bikes, and many other gifts.

We encourage you to support us through the collection at

At the same time, we are collecting for humanitarian aid, which we will send to the centers we support: cleaning products; clothing; footwear; books; toys; food products; etc. During war, innocent people suffer the most. We count on your help! Thank you to everyone who supports, helps, works!

Every zloty brings us closer to the goal!
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