Coordinator of humanitarian aid:
        +48 691-41-41-59

Join us

Our team of volunteers is waiting for you! We meet at the headquarters of the TPU Center every Tuesday at 18:00. Address: ul. Podchorążych 15/19 lok. 138, Warsaw.

To be sure that we will be on-site request for contact by email or by telephone: +48 691-41-41-59.

In our team you will join, to your own interests, one of the organizational divisions. We have people involved in collecting humanitarian aid, co-organizing cultural events, or dealing in the development of promotional graphic materials. We are waiting for you!

Support us with gifts

If you want to get rid of your old items and support our charity foundation, we would love to take them off your hands. Go through your wardrobe and cellar and pack everything you dont need, it can make a huge difference in someone else's life. Donation anything that you use in your day life can make a huge differene for these children and their loved ones.

We donate gifts not only to the east of Ukraine. We pass the part to people in need living in Poland, both Poles and Ukrainians.

In the case of items that can support the war effort of Ukraine against Russian aggression (eg old mobile phones, blankets, sleeping bags, warm clothing and shoes) - we coordinate the donation of gifts directly to Ukrainian organizations.

After the donated gifts we will drive our own transport! Contact: +48 691-41-41-59.

Money donation

You are very busy but just like us, you love Ukraine and Poland and would like to engage in the development of friendship between our nations? Help us financially!

You can order a one-off transfer or a monthly transfer order. We count on any amount!

Society of Friends of Ukraine
ul. Podchorążych 15/19 lok. 138,
00-724 Warsaw
account: 35 1090 1870 0000 0001 1582 5923

Thank you!
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