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Our action: Children of Majdan

People of good will are going on! 4 medical facilities in the Lodz region accept very ill and urgently needy children from the territories of Donbass, Crimea, children killed on Majdanek and in war. A war is taking place a few hundred kilometers from the Ukrainian border! This is a terrifying picture for us: first the victims in Majdan, and now daily reports on the death of volunteers and a soldier y who fight for the safety of their families, but also for our security, Poles and Europe. Defenders of peace leave their wives and children at home, many of whom will never see their father, their husband ...

Can you not notice it?
Surely every one of us thinks about it and each of us can at least one deed or small amount help the needy. You can do this by sending clothes and food by volunteering. We as TPU have set a specific goal and we want to dedicate this effort to our entire team. We organize the action of Children of Maidan - RESEARCH, we invite children from Eastern Ukraine, children of soldiers, children of refugees - all children who need urgent medical assistance. In cooperation with organizations from the Crimea, Donbas, Kiev and Lviv, we prepare the arrival of the most needy children for treatment. We have agreements with medical centers in the Lodzkie Voivodship that accept children for treatment.

What is needed?
The need for financial resources for transporting children, for visas, passports, specialized medicine and medical equipment for returning home, so that children can continue their treatment at home. We are interested in cooperation with medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, transport companies or food companies that want and can help our clients. We need volunteers who will take care of the children during their stay in the medical facility, read the book, and spend time. We count on your support, together we can do more and better.

Fundraising collection with the consent of the Ministry of Digitization to the bank account at WBK:
90109018700000000122935809 branch 55 in Warsaw

We believe that together we are fighting for a better tomorrow for all the children of Europe. Thank you for your good heart!

Contact to the Action coordinator
Bogdan Malinowski, +48 69-777-2222;
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