Coordinator of humanitarian aid:
        +48 691-41-41-59

Humanitarian convoys - help for Ukraine

Friends of Ukraine Society organizes humanitarian trips to Ukraine. We often cooperate with other organizations, such as "Slaves dare not allowed in paradise" or the  Association "Mis". We drove to front line in Donbass area. Help goes to the war orphans, children affected by he war and their loved ones

The beneficiaries of the assistance are in particular: Orphanage Sonyszko z Zaporoża, Orphanage Sonyszko z Mariupola, Orphanage in Kramatorsk, Orphanage in Pokrowsk (formerly Krasnoarmiejsk), Orphanage in the village of Miszkowo-Pogorelowo (named Mikolajewska), and our partner - Orphanage "Republika Pilgrim" in Mariupol.

In addition, the Municipal Kindergarten from Rokitno (Sarny), Home for Unwed Mothers in the city of Manhusz (near Mariupol) and the "Kovchev" Center (Arka) - the Christian Rescue Service of Ukraine in the front line near Mariupol (Primorske village)

Humanitarian convoy - Rebruary 2019

Trip to Rokitno (Sarny) - February 2019

Trip Kovel's orphanage - January 2018

Trip Kovel's orphanage - December 2017

Humanitarian convoy Mariupol - March 2017

Trip to Pokrowsk - January 2017

Humanitarian convoy Mariupol- August 2016

Humanitarian convoy Mariupol - June 2016

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