Coordinator of humanitarian aid:
        +48 691-41-41-59

Child Care Center - "Ковчег" (The Ark)

A childcare center run by a marriage of civilian employees Християнська служба порятунку/Christian Rescue Service (Facebook) - Volodia and Oksana (Volodymov Zavadski and Oskana Zvaudska), and helpers. There is also a Catholic priest and nuns from Poland on a temporary basis. The resort is located in an abandoned house in the village of Primorskoye in the suburb of Mariupol, a few kilometers from the front line (as of January 2019).
Oksana Zavadska
tel. 00380-975-154-012 

Wołodymyr Zavadski
tel. 00380-973-924-242


The center may temporarily accommodate children who need emergency help. During the weekends, music and art classes for children are organized. The local community are people living in poverty, in homes often damaged by fire. The resort is located in a direct front-end area, which makes access for foreigners much more difficult.

Road to "Ковчег"


Gallery (fot. 02.2019 TPU + Ковчег)

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