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 Association Miś- cooperation with TPU

The "Miś Action" Association is a group of friends - of different ages, with various passions and talents, high and low - in a word DIFFERENT. But they have one thing in common - they want to work for the needy in their free time.

The annual
Association Miś is a social initiative involving the Christmas collection of gifts for children. On Christmas Eve, on 24 December, the volunteers of the Association knock on the door of the house, where due to the difficult situation, the table does not bend from the holiday dishes, and there are no dream gifts waiting for children under the Christmas tree. Already for 19 years, people with great hearts help Saint. Santa, give Christmas presents to children who need it most.

The first Christmas collection of gifts under the slogan "
Association Miś" was organized in 2001 as a spontaneous response to the needs of children who volunteers of "Miś" helped in other initiatives. A positive response from both donors and recipients has become a motivation for us to continue the campaign in the coming years.

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